When Change Is Imminent

Ablum Brown provides access to capital for companies that are seeking to finance growth, improve operations, make acquisitions, raise a fund, invest in capital equipment, recapitalize, or finance debt. We assist management teams in structuring the type of transaction they require, including management buyouts, changes in ownership, recapitalizations, equity and debt needs. We also advise on buy-side mergers, acquisitions, asset sales and divestitures.

Ablum Brown assists organizations using a combination of strategies, including:

  • Lending against the value of tangible assets, real estate, capital equipment or leased fleets (min. asset value of $15 mm.)
  • Sale-leasebacks of real assets (min. transaction size of $15 mm.)
  • Senior debt financing (cumulative value of loans up to $15 mm.)
  • Cash-flow loans for profitable businesses (cumulative value of loans up to $15 mm.)
  • Mezzanine and Equity (min. of $10mm and $5mm respectively.)

Investment Criteria

Ablum Brown typically procures capital for commercial or industrial companies with proven revenues and stable cash-flows, those with strong and valuable assets, or entities that are seeking to recapitalize to meet new financing standards. We seek to work with management teams that have a plan and that can demonstrate they have a market opportunity. We target entities that have a minimum of $20 million in annual revenues and assets to support a minimum transaction value of $15 million.

Ablum Brown can source capital for companies across all industries located in North America. We will consider trade finance or project finance outside North America if they fulfill the parameters above.

Please note that our institutional investors do not provide angel funding or start-up financing.