A Focus on Making Value
Focusing on Your Needs

At Ablum Brown, we pride ourselves on being client advocates, offering comprehensive financing solutions—from consulting on general corporate issues, fund placement, structuring placements and accessing funding to advising on the optimal structures as well as providing documentation assistance to accommodate the particular needs of the client and the transaction.

Our approach varies with the type of transaction, and of course with the needs of management, the company or project. We typically seek to adopt the approach below:

  • Work with management to establish the specific operating and financing objectives
  • Evaluate financing alternatives, including transaction size and structure
  • Propose a capital-raising strategy to secure capital of the appropriate type and level, including addressing accounting issues, legal structure and possible tax implications
  • Design the transaction in a way that will appeal to institutional investors, drafting the private placement memorandum to present a compelling opportunity
  • Solicit investor interest, coordinate and facilitate investor due diligence
  • Facilitate documentation, accounting issues, negotiation and closing